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Men's Issues

What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean for you? Does it seem that your challenges and aspirations are somehow bound up in the bigger picture of being and becoming “a man”?  Do you feel that you are different from women in the following areas?

  • Experience
  • Values
  • Expectations (of self, of life, from others)
  • Goals
  • Approach to relationships
  • Measurement of “success”
  • Communication style
  • Needs
  • Sources of pleasure

Obviously both men and women are human beings, so we share much in common. Yet I believe that we are generally different in these areas. If this is true for you, then you may benefit from working with someone who recognizes and appreciates these differences.
In ways of being and behaving, men tend to be more “masculine” and women tend to be more “feminine”. This is not always true, as some men are more feminine in nature, and some women are more masculine. Since we all have some blend of both masculine and feminine qualities, a man can have trouble if he rejects or represses either set of qualities that are a natural part of his being. The same can be true for a woman. And this can be complicated by social pressures to conform to some acceptable image of what it should mean to be a man or a woman.

Since the early 90’s I have been interested in understanding the issues, challenges and potentials unique to being a man. I got started by reading Robert Bly’s Iron John and then explored the whole mythopoetic element of the men’s movement. I have also been influenced by Sam Keen, Robert Moore, Warren Farrell, Bill Kauth, David Gilmore, David Deida, and others. In addition to study and workshops, I have pursued my own development in many men’s groups since that time, both as a participant and as a leader. I completed the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training in 2003 and attended a regular follow up Integration Group for 3 years following that training. I have also done some group work with the David Deida curriculum.

I do not subscribe to any one theory or method of doing “men’s work”. We are all different and have different needs and orientations. If you choose to work with me I will respect your unique orientation, while bringing my accumulated understanding of men’s issue to our work together. It may be that you want to work on “men’s issues” directly, or perhaps you have other issues to address and you just want to know your identity as a man will be taken into account. In either case, I can help.


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